Grigorij (Grig) Richters
Writer, Director, Producer, Activist

Grigorij Richters is a writer, director, producer and activist, who began his career in front of the camera as a child model in his home country of Germany. By the age of six, he was already obsessed with cameras and began making his own films on a JVC Hi-8 camcorder. Grig made a documentary on Franz Kafka that he sold to a German university and directed a 30 minute short film called Dean’s Life before the age of 16. He completed his A-Levels at film college Hurtwood House in the UK and went on to study under famed Czech-American director Milos Forman at FAMU Film School in Prague. Following a stint in New York City working as a freelance social media consultant for MTV, Grigorij founded his film company Films United. In 2010 he moved back to the UK and was appointed the Kevin Spacey Filmmaker in Residence at the Old Vic Theatre in London. This provided the platform to conceive and develop his first full-length feature film titled 51 Degrees North. Dr Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist for legendary rock band Queen, was captivated by the subject matter and provided the soundtrack for the film. Grig today is a co-founder of Asteroid Day and contributes films, websites and other creative work to companies and governments around the world, including the Government of Luxembouorg and European Space Agency (ESA). Grig is located in London and Luxembourg.